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Pink takns… 1 Decembrie 2007

Posted by Doru in Azi, Bucureşti, De sezon..., Faza zilei, Foto, Oameni, Toamna.

December First is Romania’s national day, celebrating the Union of Transylvania with Romania that took place in 1918. On this day, every year there are military parades, fireworks shows and so forth, this being the Romanian equivalent of July the 4th for the Americans. However, the military parades in Romania are much more resemblant of the communist era power displays, with tanks, canons, missile launchers and military aircraft than the happy veterans marching in the US.

However, at the end of the parade, tanks and the like are taken over by children, transformed into toys rather than killing machines… Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if this would happen every day, all over the world?

Children takeover

Children takeover

Children takeover

Children takeover

Children takeover



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